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What do you include in the Car Hire prices shown on Skyscanner? Follow

The prices shown on Skyscanner should always include an estimate of all mandatory taxes and charges, but we recommend that you should always check all prices, terms and conditions on the rental company website before you book. The final price you pay for your car hire may vary as a result of optional extras offered by the company, but we’re committed to surfacing any hidden charges and making things as clear as possible when you’re searching Skyscanner.

For help on some of the terminology and jargon used by car hire companies, please check out our guides below: 

Young driver surcharge 

One-way surcharge 

Collision damage waiver 

Fair Fuel Policy 

Theft protection 

Third party insurance 

Cancellation policy 

Optional extras 

Got questions about your booking? We don’t take reservations at Skyscanner, but we’ve put together this article to make sure you can quickly find the information that you need.